Meet Irma Pitts

Hey Lovelys, my name is Kendall Susan Pitts. I will soon be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, better known as LDS or Mormon Church. Being a missionary means I leave my family for 18 months to go and serve people for the Savior Jesus Christ. I will be teaching these people about the amazing gospel. My new home will be Cape Verde Praia!! Cape Verde is a bunch of little islands off the coast of Africa....I am so so so excited. I have the honor of teaching these people. I am serving a mission because I know with every bone in my body the gospel is real and true. I know Jesus Christ lives and he is so merciful, loving, and forgiving. I know he loves me and knows me individually. Because I know this, there is a light in my life that can not be hidden and there is a feeling in my chest that can not be denied. I am so excited to share this with these people. What greater joy then serving the Lord? What greater Joy then letting people know about this good news gospel? I am not perfect, I do make mistakes and I am human, but the best part is I can have a second chance at life every day. I want everyone to know about this gospel. This Gospel is like the sun, I do not have faith in the miracles it brings because I can see them, I have faith in the gospel because it helps me see the miracles in everything else. 

I am a sister, a dancer, a lover, someone who laughs at there own jokes, and full time Sister Missionary. 
I am a Mormon.

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